ForenamesDonough Wheeler
EpithetGeneral Practitioner
MFP/1Michael Macnamara[Mid twentieth century]
MFP/5/1Certificate of Donough Macnamara1918-1969
MFP/5/2/1The story of diphtheria: a medico-historical whodunit1952
MFP/5/2/4A century of general practice - and after1960
MFP/5/2/2What makes the good doctor?1956
MFP/5/2/10Rabies. The story of a forgotten killer[1960s]
MFP/5/2/6Student life during the nineteenth century1961
MFP/5/2/8Doing the Coombe in 19161966
MFP/5/2/13Corofin and the sky over it. Life in Corofin during the troubles[2000s]
MFP/5/2/3The good general practitioner[1959]
MFP/5/2/12Doing Medicine: 1912-1918[2000s]
MFP/5/2Medical history and biographical writing1952-2000
MFP/5/2/7Do-it-yourself medicine in County Clare during the first half of the nineteenth century1963
MFP/5/2/14Medical papers1952-1966
MFP/5/2/11A 'Liberal' education[2000s]
MFP/5/2/9A medical ramble through the nineteenth century1966
MFP/2Henry O'Flanagan1855 - [mid-twentieth century]
MFP/5Donough Wheeler Macnamara1918-2000s
MFP/2/2Lecture notes made by Henry O'Flanagan1857-1859, [mid-twentieth century]
MFP/5/2/5The Mater - 1914-19191961
MFP/6Maccon Macnamara[2013]
MFPMacnamara Family Papers[1833-2019]
MFP/5/2/15Memoirs of Dr Donough Macnamara2019
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